• Our Christmas is a little different this year!

    Here’s what we did:

    In lieu of gifts this year Roche Logistics Group has decided to do the following with the money spent on these gifts.

    As you will see the card enclosed was designed by Chloe Cooper from Kilrane National School which I hope you agree looks great. Children come up with some great ideas and bring back the memories of Christmas to us all.

    The schools who took part in this event were Tagoat National School, Kilrane National School and Rosslare Strand National School. These are our three local schools and we have donated, with the help of Prim-Ed Educational Publishers, over €2,500 towards their learning products to the schools.

    Secondly, we have donated to St Mary’s Day Care Centre in Tagoat a cheque for €1,000 which goes towards the running of the centre. This centre collects the elderly from their homes every day from the locality and provides them with meals, entertainment, physiotherapy and a range of other needs
    required by the elderly.

    Finally, due to the serious homeless situation in the country we have donated a cheque for €1,000 towards Wexford Women’s Refuge. Ireland has nearly 10,000 homeless people, some of which are in emergency accommodation. It is broken down between roughly 6,000 adults and 4,000 children. This is not the way children should live their lives especially on what should be for them the happiest time of the year.

    We would like to thank you for your support in 2018 and we would appreciate your continued support in 2019 so we can continue to donate to these charities and the many more we contribute to throughout the year.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas from all of us here at Roche Freight.

  • We Are €coMerit Certified

    Rochefreight have earned the €coMerit Certificate. The company follows €coMerit principles and operates in an environmentally aware and responsible manner.

    • We monitor our own environmental performance and measure our carbon footprint
    • We implement our own environmental improvements year-on-year
    • We buy our electricity from the ‘greenest’ electricity supplier in Ireland
    • We recycle at least 70% of our waste
  • Primary School Competition

    Just updating after the hectic Christmas and New Year season.

    You’ll remember we ran a competition with local primary schools to draw/paint a cover for our 2016 Christmas Card. You’ll see our earlier posts below with a sample of the entries. The decision was so difficult. There had to be a winner, but the standard of entries was fantastic – congratulations to all.

    Well, the winner is Danny Howlin, 6th Class, Kilrane National School who won a €1,200 voucher for Prim-Ed publishers in New Ross while the runners-up Tagoat and Rosslare Strand national schools were each given a €750 voucher.

    Danny also received a €50 prize – handy for Christmas. There were approximately 400 Christmas cards send nationally and internationally, and Danny’s drawing has been seen worldwide.

    From ‘The Echo’ newspaper – http://www.wexfordpeople.ie/news/roche-freight-plays-santa-claus-to-primary-schools-35336126.html